Confidence and trust are vital characteristics when selecting replacement brake pads. Are you confident the pads have been developed to meet the vehicle’s unique requirements? Are they engineered to provide flawless performance under a full range of operating conditions? Have the manufacturer and brand earned the trust of vehicle OEMs and aftermarket professionals? When you answer these questions, you’ll know the right choice is Jurid.

JURID Products available by MENGIA S.A.:


Meet the eco-friendly solution to harmful brake pad formulations. The Jurid® Pad:

  • Offers the same excellent performance and stopping power as conventional copper-based pads
  • Meets the highest quality and safety requirements of OE vehicle manufacturers
  • Delivers better static friction than copper- based pads for an increased safety margin in sloped parking conditions


Fast, cool, decisive. That’s the type of braking performance you need in any sports car or performance driving environment. Jurid perforated brake discs are specially engineeed to increase the coefficient of friction between the disc and brake pads. This means a significantly stronger grip and more precise stopping.

  • Fast response to pedal input
  • True performance look and feel
  • Consistent, confident handling
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Advanced coating technology for outstanding corrosion protection